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Want Your Future Offspring To Be Wildly Successful? Better Stick To These 7 Names

They’re much more likely to bring in the big bucks

What’s in a name? A whole lotta cash, if this recent study is to be believed.

Training course provider The Knowledge Academy studied the names and salaries of more than 500,000 resumes to work out the average income of 1200 names, marie claire UK reports. They found that women named Lily are most likely to make a motza, followed by Isabella, Ella, Amelia, Mia, Jessica and Olivia.

Probably not-so-coincidentally, many of the above also feature in lists of the most popular names going around (Isabella, Amelia, Jessica and Olivia, we’re looking at you).

Still, if you’re desperate to secure the future success of your child, it can’t hurt to stick with one of the above (or take your chances and choose from this list instead).

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