Are Your Sexual Habits On Par With The National Average?

Australian's position might surprise you.
Which country has the most sex?Getty

A new study has revealed the countries where people have the highest number of sexual partners—and the results are surprising.

Research published by the World Population Review has found that Australians are getting quite busy, with our lovely populace coming in second in the rankings of nations with the most sexual partners.

In fact, we’re second to Turkey, who swept the pool with an average of 14.5 sexual partners per adult person.

The countries that made the top ten might actually surprise you…

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Which Country Has The Highest Number Of Sexual Partners?

It turns out that Turkey has the most sexual partners, with the average citizen clocking an average 14.5 sexual partners over their lifetime.

The result is surprising considering Turkey’s predominantly Muslim population and the religion’s traditional views on sex and marriage.

Following close behind Turkey is none other than Australia, with the average Australian sleeping with 13.3 people.

New Zealand comes in at third place followed by Iceland, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

Top 10 Countries With The Highest Average Number Of Sexual Partners

  1. Turkey: 14.5
  2. Australia: 13.3
  3. New Zealand: 13.2
  4. Iceland: 13.0
  5. South Africa: 12.5
  6. Finland: 12.4
  7. Norway: 12.1
  8. Italy: 11.8
  9. Sweden: 11.8
  10. Switzerland: 11.1

Which Countries Have The Lowest Number Of Sexual Partners?

The countries with the lowest global averages include, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam and China.

This is likely because of cultural and religious views around premarital sex.

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