Viral True Crime Podcast ‘The Shrink Next Door’ Is Being Turned Into A Thrilling Series

It features an all-star cast, too.

If you’re a fan of true crime podcasts, you’ll undoubtedly have heard about The Shrink Next Door. Even if you haven’t listened to it yourself, the podcast became a viral sensation for it’s bizarre, yet addictive plot line. 

Now, the hit 2019 podcast is being turned into an Apple TV series and features an all-star cast including industry heavyweights Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd. 

Below, everything you need to know about the podcast ahead of the series’ debut. 

What is The Shrink Next Door about? 

Prepare to become absolutely enthralled in this show, as it has more twists and turns than you could possibly imagine. 

The official synopsis reads: 

“Over the course of their relationship, the all-too-charming Ike slowly inserts himself into Marty’s life, even moving into Marty’s Hamptons home and persuading Marty to name him president of the family business. The series explores how a seemingly normal doctor-patient dynamic morphs into an exploitative relationship filled with manipulation, power grabs and dysfunction at its finest.”


Who is starring in The Shrink Next Door

There are already a few huge names in the mix, which is a big part of what makes this show so exciting. 

Paul Rudd will be starring as psychiatrist Dr Isaac ‘Ike’ Herschkopf, alongside Will Ferrell as Martin ‘Marty’ Markowitz. Bad Moms’ Kathryn Hahn will be starring as Phyllis, Marty’s sister and Bride Wars’ Casey Wilson playing Dr. Herschkopf’s wife, Bonnie.


When will The Shrink Next Door premiere?

Thankfully we already have an official premiere date for the show, which means we can start the countdown. The Shrink Next Door will be available on Apple TV+ on November 12, 2021.

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