Keira Knightly Is Starring In A New Christmas Film—But It’s No ‘Love Actually’

Lily-Rose Depp also joins the a-list cast.

When one thinks of Keira Knightley, memories of sweet romantic dramas and comedy films of the 2000s come straight to mind. 

From Bend It Like Beckham to Pride & Prejudice, and of course the greatest Christmas film of all time, Love Actually (we shan’t be taking further bids on this one).

But it seems the chaos of 2021 has thrown that assumed brand of Keira Knightly off the beaten track—because a new Christmas movie featuring the British actor is in the works, and it’s far from a wholesome rom-com. 

Silent Night is an apocalyptic comedy-horror based around a family Christmas dinner which quickly turns sinister as the end of the world—and humanity—nears. Alongside Knightley, the film stars a slew of other familiar faces including Lily-Rose Depp and Matthew Goode. 

It’s not quite as light as Love Actually, but if you’re a fan of thrillers (with a smatter of festivity), then this one is probably for you. 

Here, everything you need to know about Silent Night. 

(Credit: Altitude Films)

What is Silent Night about? 

Directed by British filmmaker Camille Griffin, Silent Night is based on a couple who decided to invite their closest friends to join their family for a seemingly innocent Christmas dinner in the British countryside. 

Initially, it feels like old times as the guests mingle together catching up, but little do they know the outside world is facing an impending doom of which no amount of Christmas festivity can conquer. 

Bordering on the verge of dystopian, the film promises jump scares, thrills and a fly-on-the-wall insight into the quirks of human response in the event of an unforeseen apocalypse. 

Who is in the cast of Silent Night? 

Keira Knightley helms the film as main character Nel, the hostess of the Christmas dinner which could turn out to be hers, and her guests’ last. Her eldest son Art is played by 14-year-old Roman Griffin Davis (known for Jojo Rabbit), while Nell’s husband Simon is played by Matthew Goode (known for Chasing Liberty).

In a sweet addition, Griffin Davis’ two younger twin brothers, Hardy and Gilby play his on-screen younger twin brothers. Fun fact: All three of the young actors are the sons of director Camille Griffin. 

French-American model and actor Lily-Rose Depp stars as Sophie, the American girlfriend of an additional Christmas guest James, played by Sope Dirisu. 

When will Silent Night be released? 

Silent Night is set to be released in the UK on December 3, and while there’s no confirmation as to an Australian release date, we’re hoping we won’t be far behind. Watch this space—we’ll update here as soon as a date is set. 

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