This Adele-Approved Diet Is Tipped To Be The Wellness Trend Of 2021

And it's great for chocolate and wine lovers

As we slowly begin to arise from our post-Christmas food comas, many of us want to get our health game back on track but aren’t quite ready to give up all the little treats we enjoyed over the break.

The good news is that according to the new wellness trend that has garnered celebrity followers like Adele, we don’t entirely have to.  

The SIRT Diet, developed by nutritional experts Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, almost sounds too good to be true. So, what exactly is it? Read on for our breakdown.

What Is The SIRT Diet?

The diet involves the consumption of foods rich in a type of protein called sirtuin activators, also known as ‘Sirtfoods’, which assist in activating your body’s fat-burning powers.

What Are The Health Benefits Of The SIRT Diet?

Well according to Goggins and Matte, the sirtuin activators can help regulate your metabolism, increase muscle and burn fat relatively quickly. And, on top of all of that, it’s great for boosting energy levels—something we’re in dire need of after 2020. 

What Can You Eat On The SIRT Diet?

Thankfully for us dark chocolate and red wine lovers out there, it turns out that both foods happen to be rich in sirtuin activators, meaning that you don’t have to cut out your guilty pleasure completely.

It’s also worth noting that coffee is also another top sirtfood, which will certainly come as good news for those of us who are fed up with being advised to cut caffeine for a healthier lifestyle.

Other favourites that are promoted on the diet are green tea, celery, citrus fruits, apples, berries, red onion, turmeric, and kale. 

How Long Should You Be On The SIRT Diet?

As per Goggins and Matte, the plan recommends a period of restrictive eating; dropping your calories to 1000 for the first three days and 1500 for the rest of the week. And while that kind of dramatic weight loss isn’t exactly recommended by us, thereafter, the long-term goal is to simply include as many sirtfoods into your diet as possible without denying yourself too much of the foods you enjoy, something we can all definitely get on board with. 

The incorporation of sirtfood-rich green juices are recommended as an easy way to incorporate elements of the diet to your everyday life.

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