What’s The Best Investment You Ever Made? 5 Smart Women Tell

More than just 'kaching!'

We make purchases every day without a second thought. Coffee. Lunch. A sparkly new top. Some buys are well thought through… others, not so much. But it’s these handfuls of small purchases that add up – and kybosh us from making smarter investments. We’re not necessarily talking about financial return (although that is important) – a smart investment could give you a whole number of benefits, as these smart women reveal…

Smart Investment #1 A wellbeing holiday

For 33-year-old Liza, a spontaneous vacation didn’t just soothe her broken heart, it provided a much needed wellbeing break, and was timed perfectly just before 2020’s COVID travel shutdown. 

“After a shock break-up, I cashed in my long service leave and dipped into my savings to go on a two month European adventure,” Liza says. “While it set me back financially, it was the best self-investment I’ve ever made. It was just what I needed to deal with the break-up, and other chaotic events that were happening in my life at the time. I was too preoccupied visiting famous art galleries, French wineries and sailing the Mediterranean to lose any more tears or sleep! I feel like it really helped me get through this COVID lockdown too – as I satisfied my travel fix.”

Smart Investment #2 Smart car

Courtney, 50, says her best investment has been her new car. “After a P-Plater ran into my car, which I had owned for 10 years, I suddenly found myself without transport,” Courtney explains. “With two kids at high schools in different suburbs and my work in the city, I needed a car fast!”

Courtney says a brand new car was one of the biggest financial investments she’d ever made, so she wanted value for money. “My budget was $30,000 – and I wanted everything. Lots of space to fit the kids’ sports gear, shopping and luggage for my weekenders away. It had to look chic, nothing too big and obnoxious. After the accident, impeccable safety features were mandatory and I needed a really good warranty and service commitment so it wouldn’t cost me thousands of dollars every year in upkeep.”

Sound impossible? Enter Haval’s Jolion small SUV. It’s got the look and feel of a premium SUV, with world-class smart tech and safety features (hello 360 degree rear camera and auto break sensor!) and an impressive warranty for peace of mind – from only $25,490. “I absolutely love my new car,” Liza adds. “I’ve worked hard my whole life, I deserve it!”

Smart Investment #3 Technology and people

 Business owner Sheree, 35, believes smart technology and good working relationships are the key to a successful professional life. “I think the two greatest investments a business owner can make is technology and people,” she tells marie claire.

“Investing in technology to streamline processes has changed my business. We use a range of programs – everything from Canva to Xero and Monday.”

In equal measure, Sheree says having great employees helps drive her business forward. “You’re also only as good as the people on your team. I truly believe that you can reach your goals only with the help and support of others,” she says.

Alternate Investment #3 A smart watch

Frances, 36, invested in a smart watch and says it’s changed her life. “I use it so much and it’s amazing!”

As well as being a mobile wallet, the watch keeps her updated on essential news and business correspondence, even when she’s in meetings or social situations. “My phone is always on silent but this rings if anything is important, and I can politely check if an important email has come through in company without picking up my phone.”

From logging sweat sessions to getting her daily steps in, the health professional also swears by her watch’s fitness functions. “It tells you to move! I do more exercise to close my ‘rings’. It’s amazing how that psychology works, but it makes me move and stand more. This was a big deal when we all moved to working at home, it showed us how sedentary we all are.”

“It also has a remote control for whatever is playing on your speakers! You can change the song/podcast, pause, adjust volume etc,” she says. “And of course, it keeps perfect time.” 

Smart Investment #4 An investment property

Bricks and mortar… it’s hard to go wrong! As Maria, 58, from Melbourne, can attest.

“I was 25 when I took out a loan for my three bedroom house,” says Maria. “At the time, the thought of committing so much of my income – and for the 30 year term – was scary, but it’s the best thing I ever did. Now, the property has tripled in value. I can also redraw on my loan (for a quick trip to the Sunshine State when borders are open!), and I feel secure going into retirement that I will have money to tap into. Aside from the freedom and security, I feel really great that I have something to show for my hard work.”

Smart Investment #5 Good skincare

Investing in glowing skin sounds like a great plan to us! As it was for Heather, now 42, who has been making skin nourishing deposits since she was a little girl – thanks to her mum’s influence.

“We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but my mum always stressed the importance of presenting your best self, and she never left the house without having her hair and make-up done,” Heather explains. “Caring for my skin was something she taught me from a young age – investing in good quality products, cleansing, make-up removal, doing regular face masks…”

“I’m glad i invested the time, effort and money – my skin looks great!” 

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