Snezana Markoski Reveals 5 Ways She’s Staying In Shape With A Newborn

We can certainly get behind number 4

Keeping fit with a baby isn’t always easy. You tend to survive on little sleep and are up to your elbows in nappy’s, spew and laundry. If you’re one of those people struggling to juggle a baby and exercise (you’re not alone!) here are a few simple things that have helped me stay fit during this busy time:

1. Work out with your precious little one 

Willow is a well fed baby so who needs dumbbells? Overhead lifts, lunges and squats are some of my favourite exercises to do with her. Not only will you get a workout but your baby usually loves this and it’s a great bonding exercise. I always keep eye contact and Willow typically laughs her head off the whole time.

2. Prepare a variety of snacks whenever you have time
As a new mum, when you have a window you need to take it. A lot of mums are so busy with a new born bub that we actually forget to eat or eat whatever is on hand and easy. The latter is usually highly processed junk but it’s easy and you’re hungry and tired so you think “f*#k it!”. Sam’s 28 program has the most incredible, simple and tasty recipes. As you have probably gathered, I love food and am sometimes tough to please in the kitchen. I like flavour not cardboard!

3. Find an exercise in everything you do.  
There are so many ways to add little bits of exercise into your day. For instance, if your stand ironing or folding the never-ending pile of laundry do butt clenches, squats and calf raises. Sometimes I like to lunge my way across the house.

4. Sleep!
This is so important and if you are anything like me whenever anyone says to you, “You should be napping when Willow naps”, my first response is to roll my eyes because that’s the only time I can actually get things done. As much as I hate to be told this and scoff every time I hear it, it really is important. I’m not saying you have to do this every single time your baby sleeps but if you can, I definitely recommend laying down for at least 15mins while bub sleeps too. This will help you recharge and be more alert and focused. You’ll then be better able to get things done and look after yourself and your family.

5. Go for lots of walks! 

Willow loves this especially when she’s in a carrier. After a while, she falls asleep Walking is an easy way to keep fit with your family. Add in some hills and lunges with the pram and you’ve got yourself a great workout.  

I hope that my simple tips have shown you that you don’t need to spend ages in the gym or invest in expensive equipment for your home. Do what you can, when you can and enjoy this exciting time with your bub.

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