Sophie Monk Turned Down This Massive Movie Role

You definitely know it

Love Island host and former Bachelorette Sophie Monk has revealed she once turned down a major movie role for one she thought was sure to win her an Oscar… but went straight to DVD instead.

Speaking on Fitzy & Wippa this morning, Monk admitted she was offered the role of stripper Jade in multi-million dollar blockbuster The Hangover. Heather Graham ended up playing the part. 

“This movie I passed up The Hangover for, which was not genius at all, that move,” she admits. “No-one ever saw it.”

“I was meant to be Heather Graham in The Hangover, but I decided to do this weird movie where I ended up sleeping with my father, having a baby with him… it just got weird.”

heather graham the hangover
Heather Graham and the cast of The Hangover franchise. (Credit: Getty)

That movie, although we’ve doubt you’ve heard of it, is straight-to-DVD horror film The Hills Run Red, which Monk thought had Oscars potential.

“I was like, ‘I smell an Oscar, I smell an Oscar’, and guess what? I got nothing. I didn’t even get residuals!”

As for The Hangover? She was put off by the “ridiculous” script.

“As if Mike Tyson would come out with this tattoo, and there’s a baby in the closet? This doesn’t even make sense. Makes much more sense to have sex with my dad in a film,” she said, laughing.

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