There’s An Insane Meteor Shower Happening Tonight—Here’s How to Watch

Sit back and enjoy the show

Get ready, because one of the world’s most incredible shows is about to start – and you don’t want to miss it. The Southern Delta Aquariids will be making its debut tonight and into tomorrow morning. While the meteor shower technically runs from July 12 through August 13, your best bet of seeing it is tonight July 30 to 31. 

According to The Conversation, the Delta Aquariids will also coincide with the Alpha Capricornids and Pisces Austrinids, giving stargazers extra reasons to look up. The former is noted for its bright meteors and even fireballs, although they’re infrequent, at around two-to-nine per hour. As for the latter, they’re even slower.

Your best chances at catching a glimpse of the incredible display is by getting as far away from light as possible and pray for no clouds. Once you find a clear, dark view of the night sky, the rest is purely a waiting game. And just in case you’re unable to see the showers for yourself, NASA and Slooh typically Livestream meteor showers. So grab a blanket and some wine and enjoy the show.

Happy watching! 

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