A standing desk could increase your life expectancy, new study shows

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Obesity. Type 2 diabetes. Heart disease.

These are just some of the worrying health implications linked to sitting, according to a new study.

Australia’s Deakin University conducted research on 230 desk-based workers and measured the impact of sitting, standing and moving throughout the day. The results: standing desks could help us live longer – saving 7492 “health-adjusted life years” in the prevention of obesity-related diseases.

While 45 per cent of Australian workers spend most of their day sitting at a desk, the study found that the negative effects of sedentary behaviour cannot be overcome by exercise.

“Adopting this workplace intervention has the potential to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity,” lead researcher Dr Lan Gao told The Guardian. “The introduction of sit-stand desks, alongside associated supports, is a cost-effective and innovative way to promote the health of Australia’s workforce.”

He continued: “There is currently not enough evidence to make a recommendation on the specific duration of sitting or lying down that is associated with poorer health outcomes. However, it is recommended to break up time spent sitting or lying down, as often as possible.”

Our interim measure? Hourly trips to the tea room.

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