Would You Pick A Housemate Based On Their Star Sign?

Apparently this is happening

Sure, nobody wants to live with a Gemini or a Scorpio, and Virgos might be just a bit too organised for some, but would you really veto a potential housemate based on their astrological sign?

Apparently, yes. One tweet, which has since gone viral, shows a renter being rejected in their application to join a house due to the fact they’re a Capricorn. The Capricorn, who was looking for a house in Portland, was rejected on the grounds that the house was a “Virgo/Gemini house” filled with “soft mutable signs” who run free from “untethered cardinal authorities.” Yes, a Gemini and a Virgo are lecturing a Capricorn on power and order — let that sink in.

The post has sparked a discussion over the legalities of discrimination against one’s star sign. Law professor David Levine was cited by The Guardian saying that choosing a housemate based on star sign wasn’t illegal as it doesn’t fall into a legal discrimination category, which includes discrimination on the basis of gender, age or sexuality.

“In order for this to be legally considered discrimination, you have to fall within a protected category,” he said. “Otherwise, you can choose to create a housing contract for any reason you want.”

It still poses the question: does looking at a person’s star sign actually tell you what that person’s personality is like? Chances are no, but without experiencing it for yourself, we do sort of understand where the housemate was coming from. And sorry, but Capricorns really are the worst.

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