Can You Orgasm Through Exercise? Steph Claire Smith’s Revelation Is Less Rare Than You Think

We see why the fitness girlies spend all their time on the mat now…
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Steph Claire Smith has made an intriguing admission on the KICPOD podcast, revealing that she can work her way to orgasm with simple ab exercises.

If you’d ever wondered how fitness girlies keep themselves motivated, it seems we have found the answer.

Claire Smith divulged this tidbit to co-host Laura Henshaw in a conversation about what turns them on, saying, “For me, it’s ab exercises.” She added, “I’m not alone in that.”

“When I was like, you know, in my late teens, exploring things like that, I did get there,” she explained. “It’s only happened a few times, but I will say, I did enjoy it.” 

The fitness entrepreneur shared an interesting way she accesses her pleasure. (Credit: Image: Instagram)

Henshaw decided to delve into this a little further, asking Claire Smith exactly what exercises trigged the pleasurable bodily response.

“Anything lower abdomen,” the new mum and fitness entrepreneur revealed, “Like leg lowers.”

It turns out that this experience is nothing new, and it has its own moniker, the ‘Coregasm’. In fact, there’s a whole book about it by sexual health professor Debby Herbenick. Her book details how to use exercise to enhance sexual experiences and arousal.

She told Very Well Fit that much of the bodily processes around coregasms and why they happen are still being understood.

There aren’t a lot of studies on exactly how many women experience them, but a CrossFit survey did reveal that around 9% of those surveyed have had experienced one before.

The comments on Claire Smith’s Instagram were filled with anecdotes from other women who have also experienced arousal from their workouts.

Some women were jealous of the bodily phenomenon. (Credit: Image: Instagram)

“I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT EXPERIENCED THIS SURPRISE (for me it was hanging leg lifts, the transverse abdominals get a little too excited during those),” one person commented.

“hanging leg raises – I didn’t know so many other women had this happen too!!!!” another added.

However, other commenters shared their jealousy at not having had the pleasure of getting off while focusing on their abs.

“Why is the only thing I get to feel mid-workout pain,” a fan wrote on Instagram.

“A little jealous that this doesn’t happen to me cause I’m sure I’d love my job even more so then,” a Pilates instructor added.

While exercise-induced orgasms may not happen for everyone, it is an idyllic thought that a gym session could also be a lesson in self-pleasure. BRB, we’re off to burn that core.

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