‘Stranger Things 3’ Is Being Called Out For ‘Unacceptable’ Behaviour

A lot of fans don't agree


Ever since Netflix first released cult series Stranger ThingsJim Hopper (David Harbour) has been a solid fan favourite. But, one actress has taken to social media to call out the Hawkins police chief for “inappropriate behaviour” and many fans agree. 

In the Netflix’s drama’s new episodes, the Hawkins, Indiana police chief doggedly pursues a romance with Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and angrily demands that Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) stop dating his adoptive daughter, Eleven (Milly Bobby Brown). Woods took to Twitter to voice her concern, claiming that women and men should never date people who exhibit similar behaviour. 

“You should never date a guy like the cop from #strangerthings Extreme jealousy and violent rages are not flattering or sexy like TV would have you believe. That is all,” she wrote, adding “Yes I am aware it’s ‘just a show’ and it’s set ‘in the 80s’ even though this stuff was unacceptable then too, but that’s exactly my point. It’s just a show and this is a gentle reminder not to fall for this crap in real life. Red flags galore.”

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Wood also replied to a user who defended Hopper’s actions because he’d endured the death of his daughter, a divorce and various addictions.

“Exactly. If this were real life I would suggest he go to therapy and not project his pain on other people in the form of abuse. That’s how the cycle starts,” Wood wrote.

The star said she went public with her complaints because she was “severely abused” and wanted to alert others to the warning signs. While Woods’ comments were met with praise, she did experience a fair share of criticism. 

“Cue all the abusive people attacking me on twitter for posting a warning not to fall for abusive behaviour like a popular tv character exhibited on a popular show because it reminds them of themselves and they feel personally attacked? Bring it on guys,” she wrote.

She continued, “I didn’t even say he was a bad guy or to stop watching the show, I just said ‘don’t date people like that.’ But alas, abusers hear an attack and want a fight. Proving my point with their own retaliation.”

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