Succulent Candles Are The Newest Trend Taking Over

Listen up, plant ladies!
succulent candle

When it comes to plants, we’ve seen many a weird and wonderful trend. In fact, the indoor plant phenomenon is so booming that recent studies have shown they make a house feel like a calming oasis, as well as looking stunning. From star sign aligned indoor plants to mini succulents, we’ve certainly found ways to fill our inner plant lady needs. 

The newest trend sweeping our homes combines two of our much-loved items: candles and succulents. Terrarium candles are taking over our feeds, and providing a pretty new update to our spaces in isolation. They’re not real succulents though, but rather wax makings in various scents to fill your work or home space in sweet fragrance while also looking adorable on the shelf. 

We’ve rounded up some of the sweetest ones to shop. 


ZOETSTUDIO Cactus Candle, $34.38; shop here

succulent candle

Terrarium Candle by Zoe Tang, $38.37; shop here


Cactus Terrarium Candle, $41.53; shop here

drop dead

Drop Dead Candles Terrarium Candle, $33.81; shop here

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