‘Surviving Joe Exotic’ Is The Latest ‘Tiger King’ Instalment That Will Shine A Light On Animal Welfare

The special features one of Joe Exotic's final interviews prior to his arrest

While the hype and hysteria surrounding Netflix’s Tiger King may have felt like years ago, the intrigue following Joe Exotic is far from over. 

In a new documentary called Surviving Joe Exotic, a special will be telling the other side of the famous story and will introduce audiences to the animals behind hit-show Tiger King.

Most importantly, Surviving Joe Exotic is set to showcase the animals who lived at the former G.W. Zoo and the ones who were lucky enough to find homes since departing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new documentary will boast one of Exotic’s last interviews before his imprisonment, plus never-before-seen footage filmed pre-Tiger King for Animal Planet’s Wolves and Warriors back in 2018. 

Viewers of the special will not only hear from Exotic, but they’ll also be shown interviews with other former employees, including fan-favourite Saff Saffrey, whose was attacked by a tiger at the zoo.

Saff Saffrey
(Credit: Saff Saffrey in ‘Tiger King’)

Set to make their documentary debut, visually impaired tigers Kryxis and Kadira will be featured, following their rescue and recovery.

As for Joe Exotic himself, the former private zookeeper’s alleged business breeding and selling tigers will be debunked in detail throughout the series. “This is definitely not one of those things that you do to make money,” Exotic later declares in the sneak peek, “I’m gonna sell them and it’s my money.”

A warning in advance, the documentary is similar in nature to the Netflix docuseries and there will be an upsetting animal footage shown, including animals being tranquillised in order to be sold.

Surviving Joe Exotic is coming to Animal Planet on July 25.

Interested? Watch the intriguing trailer below.

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