This Is Where You’ve Seen The Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Sweet Girl’ Before

Jason Momoa plays a revenge-seeking father.

While a vast portion of the country remains in lockdown, you’ve got to hand it to Netflix for continuously delivering us the content goods to keep us occupied. 

Its latest release, Sweet Girl brings us just the right amount of suspense, drama and Jason Momoa (no, we didn’t stutter). 

The narrative follows a widowed father who lost his wife to cancer after a potentially life-saving drug was pulled from the market before her death.

Distraught, he’s hell-bent on getting revenge. But things take a turn when his daughter’s life is also put at risk. A tale of love, loyalty and vengeance ensues. 

Of course, Momoa takes centre stage for the thrilling 110 minute film—but there’s several other actors who are also strikingly familiar. 

Here, we look at where you’ve seen the talented cast of the Netflix hit Sweet Girl before.


Jason Momoa plays Ray Cooper

A stalwart to the screen, you don’t have to look far to know why Jason Momoa has a legion of dedicated fans jumping at the bit to see what he does next. With origins on iconic series Baywatch, Mamoa later shot to centre stage when he starred as Aquaman, as well as gaining notoriety on Game Of Thrones


Isabella Merced plays Rachel Cooper

She’s already got multiple titles to her name, but 20-year-old Isabella is just getting started in her career. She appeared in Nickelodeon’s 100 Things to Do Before High School, as well as earning a role in Transformers: The Last Knight. Her latest Netflix project Sweet Girl will no doubt open more doors for the talented actor. 


Manuel Garcia-Rulfo plays Amo Santos

Mexican actor Manuel is known for his roles in Cake and Bless Me, as well as the television series From Dusk Till Dawn. In Sweet Girl, he plays a hitman named Santos. 


Justin Bartha plays Simon Keeley

Justin has been in a string of well known and well loved film franchises, including the treasure-hunting-bandit and Nicholas-Cage-sidekick Justin in National Treasure. He also gained plenty of recognition for his role in the Hangover trilogy


Adria Arjona plays Amanda Cooper

Puerto Rican actor Adria Arjona has starred in a string of productions including book to screen adaption Emerald City and popular television series, Good Omens. 


Amy Brenneman plays Diana Morgan 

Not unfamiliar to the crime genre, Amy Brenneman is best known for her roles in Judging Amy and NYPD Blue. In homage of her talents, she’s received no less than five Emmy noms for her work. 

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