Prepare Your Margaritas, ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Is Officially Coming Back Sooner Than You’d Think

It's time to head back to Serenity!

Thanks to the incredible success of the first season, it was no-brainer that the next season of Sweet Magnolias wouldn’t be far behind. 

And we’re hoping that it will deliver just as much romance and drama as ever before—including exactly who was in the car at the end of the first season.

“It’s a dream come true,” showrunner and executive producer Sheryl Anderson told Glamour. “I’m thrilled and excited to come back with a cast and a crew that I love so much. It’s such a valentine to everybody who worked so hard to make Serenity such a beautiful place. JoAnna, Brooke, and Heather and I were jumping up and down while texting each other, and we look forward to doing that over Zoom too.”

Ready to head back to Serenity? Here’s everything you need to know about Sweet Magnolias season two—from the plot and cast to the official release date.

Has Filming Begun For Sweet Magnolias Season Two?

For those already prepping their margarita mixture, rest easy because filming for the show’s second season is officially underway. But how do we know for sure? Well, there are photos to prove it. 

As per Glamour, Anderson revealed that filming had already begun in mid-April 2021 in Atlanta, the same filming location from the first season. As for how many episodes we can expect, she also announced that the second season will boast 10 juicy instalments for fans to feast on.

Sweet Magnolias
(Credit: @sweetmagnoliasroom)

Which Sweet Magnolias Characters Will Be Back?

According to Glamour, Netflix has confirmed the return of our favourite three ladies: JoAnna Garcia SwisherBrooke Elliott, and Heather Headley. However, the fate of Noreen (Jamie Lynn Spears) and Bill (Chris Klein) were yet to be confirmed—until now.

On May 4, Deadline confirmed that Spears would be returning for a second season, but this time as a season regular. The publication also confirmed that Dion Johnstone (Chef Erik), and Brandon Quinn (Ronnie) have all been promoted to series regulars as well.

Anderson revealed that she hopes “everybody you loved in season one will be back in season two. And there will be new faces and new relationships.” All we can say is, we’re hoping for the return of Dana Sue’s lover interest, Jeremy.

Sweet Magnolias
(Credit: Netflix)

What Can We Expect To See From Season Two?

For now, we can only assume what season two has in store. However, it’s safe to say that it will most likely cover the identity of the second person in the car accident, Isaac’s biological parents, whether Maddie chooses to get back together with her ex, and potentially more of a backstory on Dana Sue’s past.

And while no storylines have been confirmed, we’re sure that whatever is on its way will be just as wholesome as the first season.

Sweet Magnolias season two
(Credit: Netflix)

When Will Season Two Of Sweet Magnolias Land On Netflix?

Due to the pandemic, an official premiere date for the second season was delayed. On December 15, JoAnna Garcia Swisher revealed the release date of February 4, 2022 in an oh-so-sweet Instagram post with her co-stars.

While we eagerly count down the days, you can watch season one of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix.

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