Sophie Turner Calls Taylor Swift Her ‘Hero’ For Support During Divorce

"She took my children and me, and provided us with a home and a safe space..."

There is nothing better than women supporting women in the midst of emotional turmoil — and Taylor Swift really went above and beyond for Sophie Turner during the latter’s divorce from Joe Jonas.

Amid the media explosion surrounding Turner’s split from the Jonas brother, she was frequently photographed out and about with Taylor, and was also rumoured to be staying at the ‘Mr Perfectly Fine’ singer’s New York home.

Now, Sophie has expressed her deepest gratitude to Taylor for helping her out during a difficult time.

“Taylor was an absolute hero to me this year.  I’ve never been more grateful to anyone than I am for her because she took my children and me, and provided us with a home and a safe space,” the Game Of Thrones actress told British Vogue. “She really has a heart of gold.”

sophie-turner and taylor swift at dinner following joe jonas divorce
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What Happened In Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Divorce?

For those who don’t know, Sophie Turner and her estranged husband, Joe Jonas, split in September last year. While the pair eventually came out with a statement that the divorce was “mutually decided” and “amicable”, there were many, as they call it “speculative narratives” that painted Sophie in a not-so-ideal light.

There were reports in which a source claimed that Jonas liked to stay home (and was currently looking after his two children), while Turner liked to party.

joe jonas and sophie turner
Sophie Turner with Joe Jonas while she was pregnant with her second daughter, (Credit: Image: Instagram)

This felt particularly odd, given that Turner’s reason for being away from her children was not to party, but instead to return to work for her first acting gig since she took a break to birth two children. She is starring in the upcoming British series Joan, playing the title character, Joan Hannington, a notorious jewel thief.

While Turner could still not reveal much about her divorce due to legal reasons, she did tell Vogue UK that the days following the announcement of her split were “the worst few days of my life”.

Did Taylor Swift Also Date Joe Jonas?

For those who didn’t already know, Swift actually dated Joe Jonas when she was younger, around 14 years ago. It was around the time she was putting the finishing touches on her sophomore album Fearless, which would go on to pave the way for her superstardom.

The relationship between Swift and Jonas did not end well, with Jonas reportedly breaking up with her in a 27 second phone call, a detail gleaned while Swift was on the show Ellen.

Swift ended up writing a series of tracks that fans think are about Joe Jonas including Fearless’ ‘Forever & Always’, Speak Now’s ‘Last Kiss’ and more.

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She also released Fearless (Taylor’s Version) with the Vault track (previously unreleased) ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’.

It contains some killer lyrics including, “Hello Mr. “Casually cruel”, Mr. “Everything revolves around you”, I’ve been Ms. “Misery” since your goodbye, And you’re Mr. “Perfectly fine.”

It also contains the line, “So dignified in your well-pressed suit, so strategized, all the eyes on you. Sashay your way to your seat, it’s the best seat, in the best room,” which fans think is in reference to Jonas’ wealthy family and showbiz connections.

How Long Have Taylor Swift And Sophie Turner Been Friends?

Given that Swift and Jonas’ relationship was such a long time ago, Swift ended up becoming friends with Sophie and Joe as a couple. When ‘Mr Perfectly Fine’ was released, Sophie took it light-heartedly, sharing an Instagram post saying “It’s not NOT a bop.” Swift then responded, reposting Sophie’s Instagram story and adding: “Forever bending the knee for the Queen of the north” — a reference to Sophie’s role in Game Of Thrones.

After that, Taylor included a hilarious line in her folklore song ‘Invisible String’ where she sings: “Cold was the steel of my axe to grind for the boys who broke my heart. Now I send their babies presents.”

This line was widely believed to be about the present she sent Joe and Sophie for the birth of their first daughter. The lyric suggested that all was well between Swift and Jonas camps.

While they were friendly as a couple, it seems Swift made her choice clear following the split, taking Sophie under her wing, braving the paparazzi together and taking her for dinners in New York, as well as to football games with her beau Travis Kelce.

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