Where Is Tembi Locke, The Woman Who Inspired Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’, Now?

The actor and writer has found her own happiness.
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To write a memoir and have millions of people across the world read it is one thing, but for that memoir to then be adapted into a television show takes it to a whole other level. And that’s exactly why Tembi Locke is one of the most talked about people in Hollywood right now. 

The writer and actor co-wrote the script of Netflix’s viral new series, From Scratch based on her bestselling memoir, From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home, alongside her sister and renowned author, Attica Locke. It follows an American woman named Amy who meets and falls in love with a chef named Lino in Italy. Despite their differing circumstances, the pair manage to make it work, eventually marrying and starting a new life together in the US. But when her husband is diagnosed with cancer, the couple face unthinkable challenges. 

In real life, Tembi met her husband, Saro Gullo in a similar way while she was studying abroad in Italy. Also a chef, Saro moved with Tembi to the US where she became an actor. They married in 1995, but seven years later, Saro was diagnosed with cancer, which led to a decade-long battle with the illness. He passed away in 2012, and in 2019, Tembi wrote her memoir as a way to keep her late husband’s memory—and their story—alive. 

But even after all of this, her tale is far from over. Below, we recap what Tembi Locke is doing now. 

Tembi with her sister Attica, who co-wrote the series with her. (Credit: Getty)

Where is Tembi Locke now? 

Tembi Locke co-wrote Netflix’s viral new series, From Scratch, adapted from her bestselling memoir after it was picked up by Reese Witherspoon for her film production company, Hello Sunshine. 

Aside from becoming a successful screenwriter, Tembi has had a successful career in film and television having starred in a slew of well known series including Never Have I Ever and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

Tembi has also starred in several films including The Obituary of Tunde Johnson in 2019 and Collusions in 2018. 

Did she ever re-marry? 

Yes, Tembi met her now-husband in 2016. While she admitted she was reluctant to start something new given Saro will always be close to her heart, she decided to move forwards with her new partner, named Robert. 

Per The Cinemaholic, Tembi and Robert married in 2020 in a small ceremony with just their daughter, Zoela present. 

In January 2022, Tembi shared a sweet photo with her husband in front of a sunset, along with the caption: “Happy New Year! May it bring peace, joy, wellness and unmitigated beauty.” 

Tembi with her now-husband. (Credit: Instagram)

Tembi Locke’s daughter

Tembi and Saro adopted a daughter, Zoela who proudly attended the official premiere of From Scratch in 2022 alongside her mum. 

Tembi also revealed in an interview with Today that there’s a hidden message for Zoela in the series that only her daughter will understand. 

“There’s an audible Easter egg in the series for her so that when she watches it, she’s going to hear a message from her dad to her,” she explained. 

It seems the writer and actor is thriving as she enjoys the success of the new series and her book, but most importantly, she’s found happiness in other, fulfilling ways. 

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