This Is The Age You Become Boring, Study Says

Warning: depressing reading ahead
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In news that will surprise no-one, a survey has found that it’s all over once you hit 35 – at least as far as leading a thrilling life goes.

New ‘research’ – we use this term loosely – by AirBnb has found that the ‘peak boring’ age is 35 for women and 39 for men, Harper’s Bazaar UK reports.

Their self-evaluation survey asked participants how likely they would be to do any of 10 listed activities to indicate their ability to be spontaneous and have fun.

They’ve published the list, so we can all play along at home:

1/ Staying out until the wee hours on a school night

2/ Try a new hobby

3/ Go out of the way to make new friends

4/ Book a spontaneous holiday

5/ Learn a new skill

6/ Visit a friend unannounced

7/ Change jobs

8/ Go on a spontaneous shopping trip

9/ Ask someone out

10/ Try a new sport

Of course, having actual responsibilities – like, say, children, or a mortgage – tends to make 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – you get the picture – kind of difficult. And if you’re in a relationship, number 9 is probably a no-go. No surprise then, that 15 per cent of 30-39 year olds said they’d become more boring since finding a partner.

As for number eight? We’re making that one our homework for the week.

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