The Average Age Of New Fathers Will Surprise You

According to a major new study

First-time fathers are getting older across the world – but to be honest, not as old as we would have thought. A new report published in journal Human Reproduction has found that the average of new dads in the US has risen to 30.9 years old – up from 27.4 in 1972.

The New York Times reports that researchers at Stanford University reviewed records for 168,867,480 live births from 1972 to 2015 for their study, which revealed that paternal age has increased across all educational levels and ethnicities in America.

The age of Japanese dads has increased the most, from 30.7 in 1972 to 36.3 in 2015.

The study also highlights that the number of first-time fathers over the age of 40 has risen from 4.1 per cent in 1972 to 8.9 per cent in 2015.

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