Everything You Need To Know About This Season Of The Bachelor Australia

Just three men looking for love.
The Bachelors 2024
Channel 10

The latest season of the The Bachelor Australia – or, should we say The Bachelors – has returned to screens sooner than expected this year.

The latest instalment of the reality dating franchise sees the return of three leading men to court 24 different women in the Bachelor mansion.

With each season bringing a new cohort of sweethearts and villains, we can’t wait to see the drama and the flawless pot stirring from our favourite host, Osher Gunsberg.

Following the previous season of The Bachelors, season 11 will bring back a main cast of three handsome leading men, as opposed to the traditional one.

This season offers an NRL star, an influencer and a model, each looking for love in exactly the right place – on our TV screens.

Here’s everything we know about season 11 of The Bachelor Australia, including where to watch and who our new Bachelors are.

Who Are The Bachelors 2024?

We have three bachelors this season, and we’re pleased to introduce you to Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman.

Meet the Australian Bachelors for 2024 (L-R): Wesley Senna Cortes, Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman.

Wesley Senna Cortes

Wesley is an influencer in his native Brazil, but moved to Australia to study theology.

According to Channel 10, Wesley has previously struggled to find a lasting connection – a wrong he wants to right on the show.

Ben Waddell

Ben Waddell is a model and environmentalist who is no stranger to the media. In 2021, he claimed Zac Efron’s Netflix series, Down To Earth, was stolen from his own pitch. He even went on A Current Affair to make his case.

We also know a little about his dating history already, as he was formerly linked to model Pip Edwards.

It goes without saying that Ben hopes to find a bachelorette who shares his passion for the environment.

Luke Bateman

A former NRL player, Luke Bateman used to play for the Canberra Raiders before a knee injury forced him to leave the sport.

Nowadays, he’s a lumberjack hoping to create a family and raise future footy stars with the bachelorette of his dreams.

Who Are The Bachelorettes 2024?

There are 24 bachelorettes entering the mansion in season 11, vying for the hearts of their chosen bachelor.

The full list of the ladies looking for love, includes:

  • Aarthi, 29, NSW
  • Amelia, 25, NSW
  • Anastasia, 32, VIC
  • Angela, 36 VIC
  • Angie, 33, VIC
  • Brea, 25 QLD
  • Caitlin, 25, VIC
  • Carla, 23, NSW
  • Chrystal, 25, VIC
  • Dana, 25, NSW
  • Ellie, 29, WA
  • Evangeline (Evie), 29, SA
  • Holly, 27, NSW
  • Jade, 27, QLD
  • Kristen, 32, QLD
  • Lana, 36, NSW
  • Lisa, 23, NSW
  • Maddison, 24, VIC
  • Mckenna, 25, QLD
  • Mel, 35, NT
  • Natalie, 27, VIC
  • Nella, 33, NSW
  • Tabitha, 27, QLD
  • Yasemin, 32, VIC

Where Is The Bachelor 2024 Set?

Season 11 of The Bachelors Australia has jumped ship from Sydney (via one series in Queensland) and will relocate to Melbourne for the first time in its history.

So, if you’re from Australia’s biggest city, keep an eye out for your favourite locales around Victoria making an appearance on the small screen.

When Can I Watch The Bachelor 2024?

This season came early, starting on December 2 on Channel 10. Each episode airs on both free-to-air TV and via the Channel 10 streaming site and app, 10Play.

If you’re wondering which days the show is on, you can catch it every night Sundays to Wednesdays at 7:30pm.

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