Take A Tour Of This Year’s Bachelor Mansion

Check out this prime piece of Sydney real estate…

For those loyal Bachie fans two questions are always on our mind; who will get the rose, and where exactly is The Bachelor mansion?

Having swapped mansions four times over The Bachelors‘ five-year run, this year the ladies are living in a two-storey residence in the rural Sydney suburb of Glenorie, just an hour’s drive out of the city.

The previous Bachie mansion resided in Hunter’s Hill, however unhappy neighbours spurred this fabulous locale change.

Aptly described by Osher as “bushy and fragrant”, the two-storey home has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a swimming pool, a tennis court and sprawling green lawns.

This year, the girls also have some furry friend to keep them company; three alpacas named Richie, Matty J and Tim.

The producers have well and truly given this stunning home The Bachelor treatment, decking it out from head to toe with red roses and a candle a metre, the back garden fulfilling every florist’s fantasy.

The Bachelor

Cummins (much to the ladies’ dismay) doesn’t live in this spectacular home but has his own Bachelor pad somewhere offsite. We do know wherever the Bachelor sleeps, it is often in the same suburb as the ladies living quarters.

Hey, if the girl doesn’t get the guy, at least she’ll have the memories of a fantastic house to leave with.

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