Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins Reveals His Perfect Girl

And whether he met her in the Bachelor mansion...

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette were already addictive enough before the added addition of Aussie celebrities, such as Sophie Monk. Now, with former rugby star Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins as 2018’s leading man, the reality TV dating show is more highly anticipated than ever. 

Not only is Cummins already known for his famous one-liners and hilarious sense of humour, but the sports player is about as far from your average Bachie (read: marketing executive who would love to sell teeth whitening to a couple of thousand loyal Instagram influencers) as they come  – but don’t stress: he still looks great topless.

Below, we chat to Australia’s most eligible Bachelor to find out exactly what kind of girl he’s after – and whether he found her on the show.

nick cummins

What made you decide to go on The Bachelor?

I actually first said no, I didn’t really think it was for me, and then went away on a bit of a flag and mission out in the bush and came back and the opportunity came around last minute. They had some bloke lined up, but I think he wasn’t good looking enough. So here I am back in the mix, and this time around, I thought, it’s 2018, its never something id normally do, the timing is right my life, I’m looking for a bird, this all lines up.

What were you most afraid of going on the show?

How you get portrayed. Obviously, it’s not a documentary but at the same time, there are a lot of cameras in front of you all the time, when you do say things sometimes it can come across as cringe-worthy to another bloke. So, I suppose, naturally I thought, ‘bloody hell, all these blokes thinking I’m talking about my emotions.’ But, at the end of the day, that’s probably a good thing, you know I don’t want to hide from that.


Were you nervous about meeting all the women?

A little bit, I didn’t even know what it all means – when they say red carpet, limousine, I was like, ‘hang on, what’s actually going to happen here?’ But they did their best. I was a little bit confused, but geez I bloody had a laugh too.

Did someone, in particular, stand out from that first meeting?

Yeah. Of course, you know we are human beings, naturally, we see things and straightaway we make judgements, to ourselves, and yeah there is definitely some I knew we were worth my time and definitely some I was interested to find out more. But of course, you can’t put them in concrete.

Can you describe your ideal woman?

Someone you actually want to spend time with, someone who is unconditional in their approach and service to others in life – as in giving back to those less fortunate and living a life of meaning is probably one of the more important things because that is something worth getting behind.

Did any women tick those particular boxes?

Yeah, actually there were a couple that I was intrigued, in that area, by.

What’s your deal breaker?

Deal breaker for me is a couch potato, someone who is not into trying new things, someone not into adventures and not into saying yes to things they don’t know anything about.

Do they have to be into sports?

No, definitely active, but no, doesn’t have to be sporty.

We know you can’t reveal whether you’re in love, but did you develop feelings while on the show?

Yes, definitely as you say it is pretty tight-lipped, but developing feelings is a very natural progression and I’m happy where I’m at now.

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