6 Burning Questions We Have About ‘The Bachelorette’ Australia 2020

Please explain

When we learned that beloved Bachelor alum Elly Miles and her sister Becky were both going to be The Bachelorette for 2020, we were a) excited, and b) immediately full of questions.

A first for the Australian Bachelorette franchise, we, like Carrie Bradshaw, couldn’t help but wonder: How *exactly* is this going to work?

Naturally, a number of other confounding queries began ricocheting back and forth amongst the marie claire team in a dedicated Bachelorette chat thread (don’t judge us).

Here, we present to you every burning question to come out of our overactive group chat.

1. Will Elly And Becky Get Separate Pools Of Contestants On The Bachelorette 2020?

Surely, Elly and Becky won’t be competing against each other by choosing from the same sets of guys?

While you could argue the entire franchise is deeply problematic (and we often do), having two Bachelorettes (who are sisters, no less) choose their potential life partner/Australia’s Next Top Influencer out of the same set of contestants seems all kinds of wrong.

Interestingly, there is a (sort of) precedent for this, thanks to 2019’s The Bachelorette New Zealand, which shocked viewers with the arrival of a second Bachelorette – after the show had already begun.

Shortly afterwards, it became clear that the pool of men had clearly been selected with both women in mind, as there was a relatively large age gap between the two women, which was reflected amongst the contestants as well.

That said, Elly, 25 and Becky, 30, are only five years apart and have both been announced from the get-go, so we strongly suspected this will play out differently.

2. Will The Rose Ceremonies Become Super Long?

Cocktail parties and rose ceremonies already get dragged out to within an inch of their lives, so will we be dealing with ultra long evenings and fall asleep before the last rose is given? (9:00 pm is the new midnight, after all). They did say “double the roses”, so we’re thinking: Yes.

3. Will Elly and Becky Be Wearing Matching Dresses To Every Cocktail Party, Like In The Promo Shoot?

Honestly, we’d be down for this kind of co-ordination.

4. Will The Contestants Participate In The Same Challenges And Go On Double Dates?

Will it be Elly’s group vs. Becky’s group? Will they get individual challenges tailored to their Bachelorettes? Will all the dates be double dates? Obviously this all hinges on the premise that there will be two sets of contestants, but there are many ways this could go!

5. If There Are Two Separate Pools, Will The Men Be Allowed To Swap Sides?

Kind of like an intruder, but worse. What if some are forced to swap? Can Elly and Becky swap men like clothes? This could get very messy and just… weird.

6. Will Elly And Becky Meet The Men Together Or Separately?

Will the premiere episode be like high school P.E., where the gals get to pick which ones they want on their team? Will we be triggered by it and remember high school P.E.? Probably.

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