Are Jed And Alesia From ‘The Bachelors’ Still Together? It’s Complicated

Could we have another Bachie success story?
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The Bachelors Australia wrapped up its first season on Sunday night, with the dramatic final episode culminating with three happy couples leaving the show together. 

But since then? It looks like only one of these couples has been able to make it work. 

Machine Gun Kelly lookalike Jed McIntosh and his winner, Alesia Delaney are the season’s last hope of a happy ending. 

Let’s take a look at their relationship and everything that the couple have been up to since the finale. 

Did Jed Propose To Alesia In The Bachelors Season Finale?

In the lead up to the season finale, Alesia told Jed that she wouldn’t be comfortable with an engagement at such an early stage in their relationship. In other words: don’t propose. 

While this conversation did seem to sink in at the time, Jed decided to try his luck with a proposal anyway. As expected, a shocked Alesia quickly rejected his proposal but accepted his promise ring as a symbol of commitment to the relationship. 

Alesia and Jed
Jed and Alesia after the finale episode. (Credit: Instagram)

Are Jed and Alesia Still Together?

Jed and Alesia are still together but are taking things slow, with Jed telling 10 Play, “We’re taking it day by day and are excited to actually just have a coffee with each other and live a normal life after this.”

At this stage, the pair are still hesitant to put a label on their relationship.

Alesia explained to 10 Play that the couple feels like they haven’t seen enough of each other to really define their relationship. 

“It’s something that we’re not coming out saying yeah, we’re together. We just want to be together in a real setting and see where it goes from there and if it does flourish into something more,” Alesia told 10 Play

Jed and Alesia on The Bachelors
Jed and Alesia on one of their final dates. (Credit: 10 Play)

Did Jed And Alesia Take A Break? 

While Jed and Alesia seem to be committed to making their relationship work, the couple admit to giving each other some space after the season wrapped up. 

In an interview in 2DayFM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin, Alesia told the radio hosts, “Then there was stuff going on between then, Jed had some things going on, so we just said, ‘let’s take a step back until we have the opportunity to be together properly.”

In the same interview, Alesia gave a better insight into just how slow the couple have been taking things when she admitted to kissing “a few other people” since the show ended. 

Alesia told the radio hosts that Jed was aware of the kisses, which Jed confirmed by adding, “That’s ok, given the context, I think we’ve done quite well if that’s all it is, to be honest.” 

Only time will tell whether the couple will become one of the show’s success stories but in the meantime, we’re looking to seeing this relationship develop. 

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