The Eggplant Emoji Is Now A Best-Selling Sex Toy

Yes, you heard us correctly.

It would appear that emojis aren’t just useful in the digital world anymore – one company has created a vibrator in the exact shape of the eggplant emoji.

The Guardian reports that founder of the ‘Emojibator’ Jaime Jandler and his partner Kristin already sold out of the toy in September, having only launched the company in late August.

The first release of the product was just an order of 1000, but they’ve already sold another thousand now. They’ve even got their next product on the way – another emoji! – the chilli pepper.

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When asked about the idea for the business, Jandler told The Guardian that it was a joke at first.

“I was really just looking to start a new business” said Jandler. “I stumbled upon this idea as a joke, in a late-night brainstorming session on video chat.”

Jandler added that he hopes the product will help stimulate a more open conversation about masturbation.

“Our mission is to destigmatize masturbation and promote healthy sexuality” he said. “We don’t think sex needs to be taken seriously all the time, so we’ll make more unique products that are both intimate and silly.”

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