The Makers Of ‘Downton Abbey’ Have A New Period Drama In The Works

To fill 'The Crown'-shaped void in our lives

Before The Crown became a worldwide obsession, lovers of period dramas got their fix from another British series: Downton Abbey.

And now, that show’s creator, Julian Fellowes, is set to write a brand new period drama for us to sink our teeth into: The Gilded Age. Downton‘s executive producer Gareth Neame is also on board in the same role.

Set in late nineteenth-century New York, The Gilded Age centres around the lavish lifestyle of heiress Marian Brook, in a world of, according to a statement shared with Variety“huge fortunes made and lost, and of palaces that spanned the length of Fifth Avenue.”

Is anyone else getting Gossip Girl vibes?

“I have been fascinated by this period of American history for many years and now NBC has given me the chance to bring it to a modern audience,” Fellowes says in a statement. “I could not be more excited and thrilled. The truth is, America is a wonderful country with a rich and varied history, and nothing could give me more pleasure than be the person to bring that compelling history to the screen.”

The show is currently slated for a 2019 release.

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