A ‘Downton Abbey’ Crossover Could Be Headed For ‘The Gilded Age’ Season 2

Lady Cora, is that you?

Warning: This story contains major spoilers to season one of The Gilded Age.

As the first season of Julian Fellowes latest period masterpiece came to a close, we were left with several questions—but none more burning than this: Will there be a season two? 

Luckily, HBO were clearly listening to what the people wanted, announcing in February that a season two was confirmed, but it wasn’t until this week that creator Julian Fellowes spoke at length about the real possibilities a second season could pose—and there’s one particular element more exciting than any other. 

To be a die-hard fan of The Gilded Age is to be a die-hard fan of Downton Abbey—and the brains behind both, Fellowes, knows that all too well. So what did he have to say about the second season? Here, everything we know about it (so far).

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What will happen in The Gilded Age season 2? 

Again, we’ll preface this by saying that there are major spoilers here—you’ve been warned. 

The season one finale began with Marion preparing to elope with Tom. But her plans were dashed when she discovered Tom isn’t all he said he was. An adrenaline fuelled scene follows as we watch Marion race back to hide the letters she’d written to her aunties revealing she’d eloped.

We also discovered Marion’s beloved friend and writer Peggy was once married and had a son, who she discovered is still alive. The bombshells just kept coming. 

And finally, the old and new New York came together at the Russells’ ball, which unsurprisingly sparked more drama than an episode of Home & Away at the best of times.

So what comes next? Well, perhaps most excitingly Fellowes has suggested that there could be a Downton Abbey crossover in the new season. Speaking to Deadline, he hinted that the series could “explore” a possible connection to Lady Cora (played by Elizabeth McGovern), who is a resident New Yorker in the iconic series. 

“I think that’s interesting to explore,” Fellowes said of the connection, “and no doubt we will continue to explore it in season two, without giving it away now.”

To clarify the timelines, Downton‘s Lady Cora Levinson would have been in her teens in the 1890s, but she hails from New York City which is where Gilded is set. 

Morgan Spector, who plays George in the series, also broke down what he thinks we can expect to see in season two. 

“I’m personally interested in the labor history of the era, and you can’t really avoid that. That has to be one of the central conflicts that George and people like him are dealing with at that time,” he told TV Line. 

“I also love the sheer eccentricity of this group of people—Mamie Fish and her outlandish parties, the way these people are always trying to top each other in terms of extravagance. In some ways, you can’t go too far, and that opens up some insane possibilities for our show.”

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Who will be in the cast of The Gilded Age season 2?

All things going well for their characters in season one, Louisa Jacobson will return as Marian Brook in season two, while Denée Benton will reprise her role as Peggy. 

Also joining the cast in season one (with hope to return for season two) are Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon as Ada Brook, Christine Baranski as Agnes van Rhijn, Thomas Cocquerel as Tom Raikes and Carrie Coon and Morgan Spector as Bertha and George Russell. 

As for Cora Levinson, the character will be a lot younger than she was in Downton, meaning another actors may replace Elizabeth McGovern. Fingers crossed we hear soon… 

When will The Gilded Age season 2 be released? 

It’s likely The Gilded Age will be released sometime in 2023 given the first season dropped at the beginning of 2022. 

As it’s just been renewed, pre-production and filming will likely take place towards the middle of the year. 

Where can you watch The Gilded Age in Australia

The Gilded Age is available to stream in Australia on Paramount+. Login or signup to the streaming service here

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