The Hilarious Reason Why Reese Witherspoon Had To Quit A Movie

'It's not my finest moment'

She might be an Oscar-winning actress, but there’s one thing Reese Witherspoon just couldn’t do when she got to the set of one of her films, so much so that she ended up quitting.

While promoting her new film Sing with co-star, Matthew McConaughey, Witherspoon let slip that she ended up quit the film due to her *terrible* Scottish accent.

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 During an interview on ITV’s Lorraine, the conversation turned to tricky accents and Witherspoon reveals “Scottish is really…I was supposed to do…Oh no I don’t really want to talk about it!”


After some probing from co-star McConaughey and interviewer Ross King, Witherspoon spills: I tried to do a Scottish accent onceIt was bad, I had to quit the movie. Its not my finest moment. I dont want to talk about it anymore. That just came out and I really wish it hadnt.

While she didn’t state which film it was for, we have an inkling that it might be for the 2012 Pixar film Brave, which was set in the Scottish Highlands. Witherspoon was originally casted to voice Princess Merida but dropped out of the film and was replaced by Trainspotting‘s Kelly McDonald.

Brave director Marc Andrews told Digital Spy: “”We did have Reese Witherspoon when we started the project and she was on for quite some time, getting her Scottish accent down.”


“It was sounding great but as we were continuing with the movie she had other movies lining up, so unfortunately we were unable to continue with her and had to get a replacement.”

While a Scottish accent isn’t one of Reese’s talents, we’re pretty sure she’s got a fair few others to keep her employed…

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