The Boyfriends of Sex and the City: Where Are They Now?

Time flies!
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THEN: ‘Steve Brady’ (aka David Eigenberg)

Steve Brady shared an unconventional on-again, off-again relationship with lawyer Miranda Hobbes but the pair eventually married and had a baby. 

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NOW: ‘Steve Brady’ (aka David Eigenberg)

Following the 2004 series finale, Eigenberg made appearances in several television series, most notably ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ and ‘NCIS’. Eigenberg reemerged on the silver screen in 2008, reprising his role as Miranda’s husband in the ‘Sex and the City’ movie.

These days, you’ll catch Eigenberg starring in ‘Chicago Fire’, an action TV series about the lives of firefighters living in Chicago. 

He is married with two children.

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THEN: ‘Smith Jerrod’ (aka Jason Lewis)

Samantha’s boy-toy-turned-almost-partner Smith Jerrod had fans of ‘Sex and the City’ squealing over his good looks and All-American charm.

In his role as the charismatic waiter/aspiring actor, Lewis brought out a softer side in the tough, career-driven Samantha Jones.

NOW: ‘Smith Jerrod’ (aka Jason Lewis)

Following *that* series finale, Lewis starred in a slew of popular films and television shows, from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. 

He is 45 and despite having been linked to high-profile actresses including Terri Hatcher and Rosario Dawson has never married.

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THEN: ‘Mr Big’ (aka Christopher Noth)

Ahhh *sigh*. Carrie and Big. Now, THAT’S a love story. Kissing, fighting, cheating, breaking up, getting back together, marrying other people, cheating on those people with each other. It was all worth it in the end! 

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NOW: ‘Mr Big’ (aka Christopher Noth)

Since the show’s filming wrapped up in 2004, Noth has carved out an impressive career. 

He has starred in several iconic series, including ‘Law and Order’ and ‘The Good Wife’ – for which he earned a Golden Globe nomination. These days, you’ll find Noth – who is 61! – acting in ‘Tyrant’, a TV series about the inner workings of a turbulent Middle Eastern nation.

He’s also married to Tara Lynn Wilson, who he met 12 years ago, and has a son! Awww. 


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THEN: ‘Harry Goldenblatt’ (aka Evan Handler)

He was introduced to SATC audiences as Charlotte divorce lawyer – but soon became much more. Charlotte even attempted to convert to Judaism to prove her love to him.

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NOW: ‘Harry Goldenblatt’ (aka Evan Handler)

In the 12 years since ‘Sex and the City’ wrapped up filming, Handler has cemented himself as a household name in Hollywood cinema and television.

Handler’s seven-year stint as Charlie Runkle in the Golden Globe-winning show ‘Californication’ was met with critical acclaim. Most recently, Handler starred alongside an A-list cast in the nine-time Emmy award winning mini-series ‘The People v O.J. Simpson’. 

He is 55, married and has a daughter.

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THEN: ‘Trey MacDougal’ (aka Kyle MacLachlan)

Remember Charlotte testing Trey’s impotence with a circular piece of paper? Of course you do. It was the beginning of the end for their marriage. 

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NOW: ‘Trey MacDougal’ (aka Kyle MacLachlan)

MacLachlan went on to star alongside ‘Sex and the City’ cast member Christopher Noth in ‘The Good Wife’, before appearing in the Marvel-produced series ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’…and for all you ‘Twin Peaks’ fans, MacLachlan will be reprising his role as Dale Cooper for the 2017 season, 16 years after the show wrapped up filming! 

As for his personal life, McLachlan has been married since 2002 and has one son.

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