A New Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘The Morning Show’ Reveals A COVID-19 Storyline

Plus, a lot more drama to come.

As The Morning Show season 2’s release edges closer, we’re relishing in yet another sneak peek at Apple TV’s series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon—and yes, it’s shaping up to be another must-watch. 

In the newly dropped trailer, the leading actresses appear to be tackling life at the network after that season 1 cliffhanger, which saw co-anchor Mitch Kessler accused of sexual misconduct while Alex and Bradley outed the network for its misgivings.

As season 2’s release approaches, we now know that Alex leaves, and then returns to the network, while a stagnant Bradley is far from content. There’s also mention of COVID-19 in the latest trailer, meaning we’ll get to see how the anchors deal with the pandemic—pretty much in real time. 

Scroll on for everything we know about season 2, including its trailer, cast list and plot. 

(Credit: Apple TV)

What will happen in The Morning Show season 2? 

Expect to see what happens next for Mitch after those sexual misconduct allegations, along with a departure, then subsequent return to the network for Alex—the latter of which doesn’t appear to sit right with former ally, Bradley. 

Another big theme expected in season 2 is the COVID-19 pandemic, something Director Mimi Leder was keen to execute in order for the show to “reflect the world we live in”. 

The show will also delve into themes of racism and systemic disadvantage to people of colour at the network.  

The trailer for The Morning Show season 2

As mentioned, the trailer centres around the strained friendship of Bradley and Alex after they outed the network, as well as touching on the pandemic—in one seen, Alex is seen struggling to come to terms with how the virus would be covered by the news network. 

Watch the full clip from Apple TV below. 

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Who is in the cast of The Morning Show season 2? 

Familiar faces return for season 2, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reprise their roles as friends-turned-potential-enemies Alex and Bradley. Steve Carrell also returns as Kessler. 

Newcomers Greta Lee, will play Stella Bak—per Apple, she’s a “tech world wunderkind who has joined the UBA executive team.” 

Julianna Margulies will also join as UBA news anchor Laura Peterson.

When will The Morning Show season 2 be released? 

The series will drop its first episode on September 17, with a one-episode-a-week roll out to follow. 

Where can you watch The Morning Show season 2? 

The series can be streamed from Apple TV—and in case you haven’t seen it already, season 1 is available to view right now. 

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