These Powerful Before And After Pictures Prove That “Perfection Is Overrated”

This fitness blogger is keeping it real!

Ashlie Molstad sent waves through the internet this week when she posted these honest photos online (below). Before and after images are a constant in our news feed but these images are causing a different kind of stir. These two pictures taken minutes apart show the “same girl, different angles” have been liked over 130,000 times with over 41,000 shares alone in the past four days.

The 31-year-old started “if I’m going to show you the posed, put together, professional sides of me, I’m gonna make damn sure you see the not so flattering sides too.” In the first picture Ashlie is standing up with her hands behind her head – the typical ‘fitspo’ picture. In the second she is sitting down showing off her glowing smile and her toned stomach – stomach rolls and all showing a very different, refreshingly ‘normal’ side.

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Ashlie’s honest confession is inspiring women to stop obsessing over perfection and love themselves for who they are.

“This doesn’t mean I don’t also struggle with embracing this body I was given, but it does mean that I understand working on loving me is the most important job I will ever have,” she explained. “So even though it’s really hard, let’s remember we are worthy and beautiful and special and ALIVE. Go on and love yourself today, because THAT shit is what’s inspiring.” 

This inspirational post is the kind of reality check all women need, to embrace their flaws and be confident in who they are inside and out.


As Ashlie points out, “the real magic happens when we embrace who we are, at every angle and size.”


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