This Bride Organised The Most Amazing Surprise For Her Bridesmaid

It happened during the wedding

We’re used to hearing stories of bridezillas treating their bridesmaids like slaves, but one bride has done just the opposite: she organised for her best friend to be proposed to at her wedding reception.

Photographer Ross Dance captured the moment, Mamamia reports, which he called, “One of the most beautiful and unselfish things I’ve ever witnessed shooting weddings,” in his Instagram post.

The bride orchestrated for the proposal to happen during her bouquet toss – but we’ll let photographer Ross tell the rest of the story:

“Leading up to the wedding, Jessica’s bridesmaid and best friend (also Jess) worked tirelessly to ensure the preparations and wedding day were perfect,” he writes. “To show her appreciation the bride decided to share her special day with her friend, coordinating the proposal with Jess’ boyfriend. Instead of throwing the bouquet, the bride spun around and walked over to her best friend. Everything froze as she said ‘Jess… turn around…”

By the looks of Jess’ face, we can safely assume she said yes.

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