This Is Why You Shouldn’t Swipe Right On Someone With A Selfie In His Profile

Selfies overwhelmingly equals fake profiles, new research has found

That cute guy you swiped right on, with the selfie for a profile picture? Probably a fake account, new research suggests.

There’s an overwhelming correlation between the use of selfies and the rise of fake profiles, according to a study of top British dating sites and apps by Scamalytics.

More than 65% of fake profiles use selfies as their main picture, probably because their sheer ubiquity makes them incredibly easy to steal from the annals of the Internet.

“While it is obviously hard to ‘fake’ a selfie,” dating expert Charly Lester told marie claire UK, “it is increasingly easy to steal selfies from social media. Twitter and Instagram are full of selfies of celebrities and normal people, which can be very easily copied, and then added to fake profiles.”

You have been warned.

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