This Majestic Alarm Clock Also Makes You Coffee

It's the alarm clock of our dreams

We don’t want to be dramatic, but all of our lives just changed FOREVER.

Somebody has invented an alarm clock that doubles as a coffee machine, because apparently dreams do come true.

The Barisieur (oh, what a name!) automatically brews you hot coffee or tea in the morning to wake you up. By setting the clock with water and coffee, and prepping with extras like milk and sugar on the side, the invention wakes you up with the sound of a brewing coffee. And is there any sweeter sound than that?

Unfortunately, the clock lacks a snooze button… but with the promise of a fresh, hot cup of coffee, we have a feeling the urge to wake might be increased.

According to Mashable, the system was developed by London based industrial designer Joshua Ranouf, and has been stuck in the prototype phase for almost two years.

The team behind the invention recently set up a kick-starter to get their invention off the ground, and so far they’ve raised £146, 453 ($298, 851 AUD). They haven’t exactly reached their goal of £380, 000 yet, but there’s still 26 days to go.

We can’t wait for this to come out, just take our money now! Seriously, all of it!

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