People Are Breaking Up Because Of TikTok’s ‘Doritos Theory’

Can you compare your relationship to a Doritos?

TikTok’s ‘Doritos Theory’ is being held responsible for an increasing number of break-ups, and unlike the platform’s many other theories, this one might actually be onto something.

If you’re wondering how a bag of corn chips can be connected to relationships, we explain below.

What Is The Doritos Theory?

Rather than being about the Doritos themselves, the ‘Doritos theory’ is more of a metaphor about relationships.

Essentially, the theory is about the feeling of eating a bag of Doritosno matter how much you eat, you never really feel satisfied.

In fact, the more you eat, the worse you feel.

On TikTok, Celeste Aria says, “The idea is that only experiences that aren’t truly satisfying are maximally addictive.”

“When you eat a Dorito and finish your bite, you’re not fully satisfied

“It’s not the same as eating a steak or eating really satiating food that’s high in protein, where after you bite you really feel that fullness and that warmth of satisfaction.

“The peak of the experience is kind of when you’re first tasting it and not after,” she adds. “The experience itself is not satisfying in the end’.

This experience can also be applied to relationships. Confused? Let us explain.

Imagine dating someone you’re completely obsessed with but never feel completely fulfilled by.

It’s that guy you let come over after they haven’t replied to you in two days, the one who doesn’t bother getting to know your friends and the one who makes you feel completely amazinguntil they don’t.

A lot of the time, its easier to stay in these unfulfilling connections because like Doritos, they’re a little addictive.

You keep thinking you can finally make it work, so you keep seeing them.

In the comments of Celeste’s video, one user aptly commented “you can never get enough of something you don’t need.”

doritos theory
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The theory basically makes the point that while its easier (and perhaps more initially delicious) to keep going back to your Doritos, you’re never going to get the fulfilment that a real meal will give youeven if it takes more effort.

Your body (and heart) will thank you in the end.

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