This Is The Time’s Up Video You Need To Watch Today

The PSA was created by Donald Glover and Rashida Jones

Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, AKA dreamboat, has teamed up with Rashida Jones to create a “public service announcement” video for the Time’s Up movement.

The Parks and Recreation actress – who directed the clip – and Atlanta actor – who narrates it – created the animation to speak to people who are “left scared, confused” and “maybe even a little angry” by “the current wave of sexual allegations.

Specifically, to create a better understanding of “workplace rules of engagement”. 

“Do you simply not know how to behave at work anymore? Fear not,” Glover says, before addressing questions such as: “is it okay to greet your co-worker with a deep, full body hug or mouth kiss?” and “is it okay to tell your co-worker that you think they look sexy in their pants?”

Watch the clip below. 

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