This Australian True Crime Podcast Is Being Called The Female ‘Dirty John’

It's hit number one in the charts

Last year, it was The Teacher’s Pet – a podcast series focused on the disappearance and probable murder of Sydney mother Lyn Dawson – that had everyone hooked. 2019’s edition also hails from Down Under, but this time it’s focused on a scam artist who’s being dubbed the female version of Dirty John (another ridiculously good podcast investigation turned TV show with Eric Bana).

The fourth season of ABC’s Unravel podcast, titled Snowball, follows the story of American woman Lezlie Manukian who met Kiwi man Greg Wards when they were both living in London. Shortly after they started dating, Lezlie and Greg moved to Greg’s home in New Zealand, before marrying and setting up a business together. But Lezlie soon disappears and leaves a trail of devastation in her wake – Greg’s entire family has been scammed and his parents have lost their home and life savings.

Head of radio station Triple J, Ollie Wards, who also happens to be Greg’s brother, begins to investigate Lezlie for the podcast, finding that his family were nowhere near the only ones to be scammed by her. In fact, she has victims all over the world, including Hawaii, Brazil, the UK and the US.

As more and more stories start unfolding, Ollie travels to meet victims in Hawaii, the US and UK and slowly begins putting the pieces of the puzzle together. He even tracks down Lezlie in California. 

The seven-episode long podcast series is being hailed as Who the Hell is Hamish? meets Dirty John and has already hit number one in Australia.

What are you waiting for? Listen here.

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