UnREAL Season 4 Is Here In *Two Weeks* And There’s A Major Twist

Watch the trailer!

Just when we’ve finally gotten over the shocking Season 3 finale of UnREAL, comes the news that we won’t have to wait long for season 4.

In fact, star Constance Zimmer (a.k.a Quinn King) took to Twitter to make a *very* exciting announcement.

That’s right, the critically-acclaimed hit show, which depicts the BTS drama of a reality dating show (seriously, how much better is it watching The Bachelor now that you’ve watched UnREAL?) is back on screens on July 17. 

And not only that, they’re dropping the whole season at once, so mark your calendars people and don’t make plans that weekend.

In the new season, Rachel is back from her soul-searching trip as a blonde bombshell – ready to find a man. That’s right, this time she’s the suitor and in true UnREAL fashion, the drama is next-level. 

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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