Is this the most stylish small car of all?

Can the Volkswagen Polo work for a family? Let’s find out.

Getting into a Polo is like visiting an old friend. You know they’re good value, are fairly reliable, they look great and you like the way they do things. But it’s been years since you’ve seen your old friend, and in those years you’ve … well, you’ve changed.

You’ve had a baby. Maybe two. Possibly three. And your priorities are different. But does that mean your old friend won’t suit you anymore, or can they adapt if you choose to compromise because you like them so much? Can your lifestage now fit the Polo?

It’s a nice, easy drive with plenty of zip factor, it zooms around town like you’re playing wing attack on a netball team, weaving in and out of traffic. So little! So zippy! Sure, it’s not as smooth as a more expensive car would be, but don’t take away from it – it’s smooth enough.

And while there’s not an enormous amount of luxury, you still get Apple Carplay or Android Auto which means when you plug your phone in, you’re instantly connected to your phone’s main apps like Spotify and maps which pop up on the multimedia screen.

There’s no huge boot like an SUV, but you’re in a Polo so it’s hardly a surprise, plus it’s big for its class.

It’s such a great small car and if European styling is important to you, this car is hard to beat for the price.

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