Volkswagen Tiguan, a five seater SUV

One of the best looking SUVs in this price bracket

The Tiguan Allspace is a five seater SUV, with a surprise two spare seats in the back – I didn’t notice them at first at all. So it’s handy when you need to transport extra people around.

From the outside it’s one of the best looking SUVs in this price bracket. It’s slick, shiny and has all the chrome a girl could ever hope for.

The interiors are good but quite basic. There’s nothing flash or fancy, but everything fits in beautifully. You could call it understated chic, but it may feel a little below premium for some. The sense of refinement definitely grew on me over the week because you begin to notice how well things are finished and how everything makes sense.

It comes standard with an eight inch multimedia screen and Apple Carplay and Android Auto which sync your phone with the tech in the car so you can immediately make calls (just ask the car) or send text messages (dictate while driving!) and play music through apps like Spotify. There’s also a really great sound system.

Watch the video or click here for the full review.

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