The Volvo Has Come A Long Way Since Your Parents’ Station Wagon


We all remember hopping into the back of a parent’s car as a little kid. It was spacious, roomy, but, let’s be honest, not always stylish.

The good news is, the expert team of designers at Volvo have re-imagined the family-centric car, bringing all the utility, comfort and safety of a classic station wagon to you, infused with a sense of timeless style.

While Volvos have always been associated with reliability, and consistently popular for the company’s dedication to world-class engineering, this is no ‘mum car’.

In fact, the brand’s latest styles have emerged as a symbol of style, safety, and innovation. The epitome of this evolution is embodied in the Volvo XC90, a vehicle that has become synonymous with sophistication and cutting-edge design.

The turning point came around 2015, when the Volvo XC90 saw the introduction of the new face of the brand, featuring the iconic Thor’s Hammer headlights. This design overhaul marked a departure from the conventional and ushered in an era of contemporary elegance.

Ah, much better! The Volvo XC90.

One of the key contributors to the XC90’s popularity in Australia has been its ability to cater to the needs of families. Boasting three rows of seating and ample luggage space, the XC90 offers unmatched comfort without compromising on safety. Volvo’s commitment to safety is evident in the array of active safety technologies integrated into the XC90.

The City Safety with Autobrake system, capable of recognising pedestrians, cyclists, and large animals day and night, is one of the car’s attractive features. Additionally, features like the Blind Spot Information System, Oncoming Lane Mitigation, and Cross Traffic Alert with autobrake further enhance the vehicle’s safety credentials, making it one of the safest on the road.

Safety and style, all the way.

Beyond safety, Volvo has embraced the future of automotive technology. The XC90 comes equipped with Google integration and offers Apple CarPlay, ensuring a level of agreeability for any family road trip.

The car is also taking steps towards sustainability, with a range of mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. 

The winner of Wheels Best Large Luxury SUV 2023 award, the XC90 is bound to emerge as a different symbol for a new generation. 

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