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If you celebrate your birthday this week:
Your Year Ahead
Career goals take priority for the most part of this year.  Just don’t take on more than you can handle.  April is a good time to trim back relationships.  The planets create a “make or break” situation for those of you in not-so-serious love affairs.  Motto for the winter months?  Speculate to accumulate.  August’s professional changes release huge reserves of inner power – a perfect time for the real you to shine through. September calls for greater compromise.  We all have our moody moments, but controlling them is the key.  

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Best Day:  Tuesday 23rd
Deciding whether or not to give someone another shot is difficult this week.  Expect some uneven emotions, as you initially succeed in going with the flow, only to perhaps change your mind again…and again. You might also get mixed signals and wonder whether or not you’re making a mistake.  For now, it could be hard to tell.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Best Day:  Monday 22nd
You often keep others guessing, assuming that if someone cares enough – they’ll either know your mind or ask the right questions. This week is different – you volunteer information, minus the sugarcoating and clever word play. That’s refreshing, and appreciated when we’re all in such close quarters.  

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Best Day:  Friday 19th
Recent planetary shenanigans may have left you feeling a tad overwhelmed  But this week helps lift exhaustion, or sagging spirits.  To top it off, finances look sharper than they have been for a while.  So should the cosmos signal the time’s right for extravagance, don’t argue.  Stay amenable for surprising events.  

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Best Day:  Saturday 20th
It’s high time that others realised you’re an individual, not their personal servant.  Your devotion to duty is inspiring, but the planets warn that no amount of success can replace strong health once it’s been lost.  Some kind of financial dispute or personal wrangle places additional strain on an already overwrought nervous system.

Leo (July 23 – August 23)

Best Day:  Sunday 21st
Lust is in the air, Leo.  Find the right online dating network, and a new kind of enticing play arises.  Committed couples willing to give their imaginations full reign also stand a good chance of merging more than their souls.  At work, don’t let opportunities pass you by.   People in authority have been watching, and they like what they see.  

Virgo (August 24 – September 22)

Best Day:  Tuesday 23rd
You’re about to set yet a new course, but this change in direction may bring some tough decisions.  If at odds with a spouse or business associate, the main source of conflict is likely to be money.  While one wants to save, the other is more interested in spending.  A sensible compromise may be to spend only what you have – put all credit on hold. 

Libra (September 23 – October 23)

Best Day:  Saturday 20th

Sobering Saturn now calls for less speculation and more consolidation of resources.  This message may be frustrating, but a temporary slowdown is inevitable during these difficult times.  If you’re going to spend anything this week, make sure it’s just some “quality time” with your nearest and dearest.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Best Day:  Thursday 25th
Thanks to a fever-pitched Mars, it’s a week when major conflict can grow out of minor issues – so try to douse any flames of anger.  On the positive side this fiesty planet gives you the courage to ask for what you want, even if you were previously refused.  Your ideas and actions strengthen.  Warning:  avoid being combative when in close quarters.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Best Day:  Wednesday 24th
At last there’s an honest breath of fresh air in your relationships, allowing you to comfortably be yourself.  This week offers an easier run, though there are no promises regarding how long this will last.  If new love makes an entrance, it’s most likely through an unusual connection, someone from overseas or with a vastly different lifestyle.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) 

Best Day:  Friday 19th
The cosmos advises against compromise this week, for good reason.  Being pushed into not-so-satisfactory situations or having to take the blame because of someone else’s mistakes is not acceptable.  The cosmos helps those who help themselves, so stand your ground and and make your thoughts heard.  

Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)

Best Day:  Sunday 21st
It’s hard to know whether your irrepressible nature is endearing or irresponsible, but it seems you’re determined to take a proverbial leap of faith.  Having staked a claim on better opportunities, you’re ready to prove your talents.  This week, you have the ability to attract and win over any person or situation to your advantage.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Best Day:  Monday 22nd
Even though those rose coloured glasses are practically sutured on, let reality have a look-in as well.  You’re not misguided in your outlook, Pisces – just a tad too idealistic.  But no one’s asking you to curb all that lovely optimism – only your expenditure.  The Sun puts its heavy hand on your shoulder to ensure a slow down on the spending.

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