See Celeste Barber Tackle Spin Classes & Juice Cleanses The First Look For ‘Wellmania’

It’s poised to be as funny as a fart in a yoga room.

To Celeste Barber’s nine million Instagram followers, she’s the down-to-earth Australian larrikin who is never afraid to call out content creators and celebrities for how unrealistic their ‘relatable’ content is.

But thanks to her soon-to-be cult-followed show, Wellmania, Celeste will soon become one of comedy’s household name.

The show, which is produced by Netflix, sees Celeste star as Liv, an Australian food writer living it up in New York City before she is forced to return to Sydney after a health crisis.

Liv embodies every messy woman trope any 30-something (hell, any any-something) woman would relate to: her character is loveable, relatable and only slightly unhinged.

“I hope people watch it and laugh and fall in love with Liv–who is so exciting and dynamic and full-on and wrong,” Celeste revealed to us exclusively in our February cover story.

With the story centered on the pitfalls of succumbing to the toxic side of the wellness industry, or ‘Wellmania’ as the series is aptly titled, this will no doubt be a tongue-in-cheek look at the body-shaming and self-loved lifestyle we’re all victim of indulging in.

Below, everything you need to know about the series including when the highly-anticipated show will drop on Netflix.

Celeste plays a Liv, who is a ” “food writer and human tornado”. (Credit: Source: Netflix)

What Is Wellmania About?

As per the show’s official synopsis, Wellmania follows Liv (Celeste Barber), a “food writer and human tornado” who, after a major health crisis is forced to rethink her ‘live fast and die young’ attitude. 

“After she scores a once-in-a lifetime job that will catapult her into the American mainstream, a series of unfortunate events in Australia sees her banned from re-entering the States unless she fixes her health,” Netflix revealed in a statement.

“Throwing herself body-first into a wellness journey, she tries everything from the benign to the bizarre in an attempt to get well quick, and reclaim her old life,” they add.

The series is based on the first-person book, Wellmania: Misadventures in the Search for Wellness written by journalist Brigid Delaney. 

The book, like the series, is poised to be a rib-cracking hot-takedown of the wellness industry, or a “highly entertaining and occasionally dangerous exploration of one of the most fascinating trends in our culture” as the book’s publisher Black Inc Books puts it. 

From spin classes to colonics and cold-pressed juice cleanses, Netflix’s Wellmania will explore the lengths taken to be truly and holistically ‘well’ in the 21st Century. 

When Will Wellmania Be Released?

Netflix’s Wellmania will be released on the streaming platform on March 29. In the count down to the show’s release, you can find us rewatching Celeste’s Reels in the lead up to seeing her face on the small screen. 

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