We Consulted The Experts On The Five Biggest Wellness Trends Of 2022

From hormonal health to traceable ingredients.

After the last two years, it’s fair to see that we’re all feeling a little fatigued. Whether your sleeping patterns have been thrown out of whack, you’re not getting enough nutrients or finding it hard to move your body, the pandemic has undoubtedly changed our approach to wellness. This year, we’re all about renewing our focus on personal wellness and restructuring our lives to maximise overall health — but how exactly do we do that? 

Before you fall into a seemingly endless internet hole about magical potions and new styles of meditation, we decided to consult the experts at Ora Health, to uncover their predicted wellness trends for 2022. That way, we can use them as a jumping point to kickstart our wellness journey. 

According to the Ora team, we’ll see the health industry (as well as health-conscious individuals), place a greater focus on everyday wellness, with a bigger emphasis on sustainability and regeneration. 

Gabriel Perera, founder and managing director of Ora, says we can expect to see natural medicine take hold this year.

“We’re coming back to the first principles of natural medicine,” he explained. “By that, I mean the core idea of giving someone agency over their health. I believe people get the best results with natural medicines when they take ownership of their wellness journey in partnership with health professionals.”

Below, the five major wellness trends expected to dominate in 2022. 

Co-creating Wellness

One product alone cannot deliver holistic wellness; the first principle of natural medicine is the concept of taking agency over your own health. True wellness is about understanding what we put into our bodies, and developing a health regime that works best for us.

Hormonal health as the master key

In a world where hormone imbalancing external stressors and endocrine-disrupting chemicals are only becoming more prevalent, taking charge of our own hormonal balance is an ever-growing priority. This year, we’re likely to see wellness experts placing a heavier focus on integrating hormone balancing methods, modalities and products (such as Ora Health’s Hormonal Balance).


Everyday wellness and nutritional support as a consistent practice

A move away from fads and towards everyday health, understanding that natural products take time to work and there’s no such thing as a quick fix. Those living urban lifestyles or with nutritional gaps can bridge the gap over thirty days with plant-based supplements. 

Traceable ingredients

Building on transparency and quality, there will be a rise in interest in the traceability of the ingredients found in what we consume. Traceability involves brands selecting the right supply partners: partners who prioritise ethical and sustainable sourcing, and the purity of ingredients.


Wellness will go beyond sustainability and mitigation of harm and move towards actively restoring and replenishing the Earth and its communities and ecosystems.

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