Is Your Partner ‘Financially Cheating’ On You?

Here are the signs to watch for
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Once the honeymoon period is over and you start to talk about more mature things such as moving in and the future, money becomes a serious discussion. But just because your partner is faithful to you, it doesn’t mean they’re not ‘financially cheating’ on you. So what does it mean to ‘financially cheat’?

New findings published in The Journal of Financial Therapy, says ‘financial infidelity’ is real and is defined as “any purposeful financial deceit between two or more individuals” who have “a stated or unstated belief in mutual honest communication around financial matters.”

sex and the city
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And the bad news? Twenty-seven per cent of people commit the crime.

According to the research, there are 14 different behaviours that constitute financial cheating from tiny lies to big buys:

  • Pretending a new purchase is an old one
  • Saying you bought something on sale but paid full price
  • Hiding purchases and receipts
  • Taking money out of savings without telling your partner
  • Hiding credit card statements
  • Having a secret credit card
  • Having a secret stash of money
  • Concealing debt
  • Keeping a raise or bonus a secret
  • Spending money on the kids in secret
  • Gambling money away in secret
  • Lying about the price of a purchase
  • Spending money on pornographic materials or strip clubs in secret
  • Filing for bankruptcy without telling your partner

The researchers also note that certain people are likely to financial cheat.

“This finding suggests that organised and dependable individuals are unlikely to keep financial secrets from their partner,” write the study authors.  

“The results support the hypothesis that both marital and life satisfaction would be lower in those who had experienced financial infidelity. Previous research supports the idea that money and finances are an important aspect of both life and marital satisfaction.”

If you are a bit nervous that your partner is hiding expenses behind your back, it’s important to talk about money so he feels he can be honest about big purchases. 

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health.

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