What NOT To Say When Somebody Is Expecting

Unless invited, do not stroke their baby bump

When you’re pregnant, normal human rules surrounding personal space and privacy just don’t seem to apply. As soon as people notice your baby bump private questions about your weight and career choices all of a sudden become fair game to talk about.

While we all know that those insensitive comments you get asked during pregnancy are coming from a good place, it’s best to know what questions are just off limits to ask a pregnant woman.

Here is what NOT to say to someone who’s expecting:

“Was it planned?”

Avoid. No one wants to say “Actually no, the condom broke”. The mumma-to-be is happy and excited to share the news with you, you don’t need to know if it was a planned pregnancy.

“You’re so big, you look ready to pop!”

The same rule applies to pregnant women as it does to non-pregnant women, do not comment on how big someone looks. She’s probably very uncomfortable at the moment and doesn’t need you reminding her of that fact.

“Have you picked a name yet?”

This one may seem relatively non-invasive and harmless but choosing a baby’s name is a very big deal, and usually, the mother whether single or in a couple, doesn’t want to share the name until the baby is born. Don’t put her under pressure by asking and just wait until she announces the name herself.

“Can I touch your belly?”

This one goes out to all the random people who see a pregnant woman and are overcome with the urge to touch her belly: just don’t. Being touched by someone you barely know is as uncomfortable pregnant as it is when you’re not pregnant. Wait for the invitation and definitely don’t ask.  

“You’re having twins? So they’re IVF I presume?

Everybody’s pregnancy journey is different and some women struggle with fertility. This can be a painful thing to talk about it, don’t overshadow her joy by bringing up something that might be a delicate and sensitive topic of conversation.

When you see a pregnant woman it’s best to stick with: “Congratulations!” “How are you feeling?” and “You look great!” and we promise you won’t offend anybody.

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