Koala Has Released Three New Mattresses That Are Fully Customisable

The new mattresses replace the original.

It was mildly alarming when Australian mattress (and now home furnishings, bed linen, the list goes on) brand Koala started posting “we’re sorry” messages. But the cryptic posts turned out to be great news – the brand known for it’s bed-in-a-box mattress was releasing not one, but three new versions.

The original Koala mattress was well-loved and top-rated. We even reviewed it ourselves and found it lived up to the hype.

Thankfully, Koala haven’t gotten rid of the original, it’s just received an upgrade. Alongside it are two other versions, Calm As and Soul Mate.

Essentially, the three mattresses create one epic mattress that’s fully customisable. Each feature the baseline qualities of zero disturbance (remember that video of a wine not spilling when someone jumped on the bed?) and a top comfort layer, but different mattresses offer different levels of everything from support to cooling. Here is a deeper dive.

The New Koala Mattress


This is the replacement for the original, featuring a very similar makeup except with a firmer support base beneath the hips that prevents your body from sinking into the mattress, and a reversible comfort layer you can zip off and flip – one side is medium-firm, the other is firm.

The New Koala mattress starts at $780 for a single.

The Koala Calm As Mattress


The Calm As mattress is all about a cooler, comfier night’s sleep. With 3 high density targeted support zones that disperse your weight, a flippable comfort layer for varying firmness, plus hollow tunnels that work to remove excess heat and edge support so you can sit on the edge to, you know, put your Uggs on in the morning.

The Calm As mattress starts at $980.

The Koala Soul Mate Mattress


This is the mattress we were lucky enough to trial prior to launch. The most expensive new offering, the Soul Mate is all about optimal support during sleep. 5 Zoned Adaptive Foam Springs help keep you supported even as you toss and turn, plus there is maximum airflow built in to keep you cool. The Soul Mate also has the flippable comfort layer, and while it feels soft to touch, lying on it you can definitely notice the difference in firmness. 

The Soul Mate starts at $2,350 for a double.

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