Why ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Will Love Netflix’s ‘Dark’

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If you’ve made it through season two of Stranger Things just like Will and Eleven, and are looking for another show to binge-watch, we have another terrifying supernatural suggestion. 

Dark, which just dropped on Netflix, follows the disappearance of two young children in a small German town and the double lives of the families living there. 

Described by Netflix as a “family saga with a supernatural twist,” the 10-part German series unpacks the gruesome goings-on in the town dating back to 1986. 

Critics are raving about Netflix’s new addition, praising the show’s originality and stunning visuals, with comparisons ranging from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks to Stand By Me. 

And while viewers are offered an English-language dub, opt for the subtitles. Everything is scarier in German. 

Watch the trailer below—and the full series on Netflix now. 

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